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Coconut Trees and a Road

Our Story 🌴

"ISABELLA" literally means "One Beautiful," taken from the Filipino word for one -- "Isa" -- and the Italian word for beautiful, "Bella."

The brand name ISABELLA, therefore, connotes oneness with Nature's beauty.

Traditional beliefs dub the coconut palm "The Tree of Life," thus, we believe

it to be the perfect moniker for our enterprise. We chose a name that highlighted the significance of this tree since we mainly focused on coconut palm-based products. 

Just like the coconut palm acquires distinct uniqueness as it grows,

we too aim to grow and become strong as we go through life as a brand, gaining more knowledge along the way.

Both personally and professionally, we have always believed that there is opportunity in adversity. Even amid the global coronavirus pandemic,

new beginnings have emerged.


Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil was the base for the first aromatherapy product we brought to market, and it was used for personal health and healing during the crisis. Thus, it marked the debut of the IsaBella Tree of Life to the general consumer.

Since its founding, IsaBella Tree of Life has advocated using only organic coconut fruit and its by-products, particularly organic extra virgin coconut oil for consumption, for use in massage, and health-oriented products. 

The enterprise will also develop delicious, nutritious, and ready-to-eat snacks derived from coconut meat. Our products are of premium quality and are derived directly from the source, guaranteed export quality.

Isabella Coco Choco Crunch.jpg

One with Eco-Friendly Packaging🌱

We also advocate for an environmentally conscious entrepreneur with a good heart. Our collaboration with Magara Philippines is helping unemployed mothers make handmade Fossilized Cacao Leaves in packaging.

We aim to contribute, create jobs, and provide a helping hand in whatever way we can to ensure sustainability.

Coconut Trees


Isabella Tree of Life strives to grow a socially responsible enterprise, creating a community of sustainable partners, hoping to offer the best healing solutions produced locally with premium quality, healthy and certified organic.


To be the top source of locally produced and sustainable healthy products, the world's most dynamic supplier of coconut by-products, and ethically conscious of promoting the economy of communion.



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